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A-TACS iX [Intermediate Xtreme] CAMOUFLAGE

August 15, 2017



The A-TACS Camo "X" Lineup 

In 2016, A-TACS Camo charted a new course with the the first part of a multi-phased rollout of a completely new concept. The "X" Line of concealment solutions was designed to afford the operator a comprehensive multi-environmental concealment solution designed to function in a wide range of terrain. The concept is centered around a new transitional pattern the incorporates an even mixture of green and earth tones designed to blend with a wide variety of terrain. The supporting patterns in the new line consist of new and enhanced versions of A-TACS AU and A-TACS FG-each pattern sharing common color with the other and a similar design to the intermediate pattern so that when paired together, the system will perform in virtually any environment worldwide. In effect, the operator can purchase one set of gear in the transitional pattern and simply change uniforms to meet mission and terrain objectives. The "X" Lineup is in short, one pattern with infinite adaptability.



A-TACS iX [Intermediate Extreme] Camo 

New A-TACS iX (Intermediate Xtreme) Camo is the first in a new generation of concealment from A-TACS Camo. New A-TACS iX is the flagship pattern a new “X series” line of camouflage patterns – the central component of a complete multi-environmental concealment solution. A-TACS iX utilizes the very latest in printing and camouflage design technology combined with the perfect blend of colors from the already popular A-TACS AU and FG camouflage patterns to create a pattern with vastly improved depth and definition.


A-TACS iX Camo also incorporates enhanced edge detail in the transitional areas between light and shadow within the pattern to create the added illusion of depth while maintaining the unique A-TACS Camo “pattern within a pattern” concept. New A-TACS iX Camo is best suited for transitional environments with a blended mix of intermediate greens and desert tans.




OPS Gear is constantly in search of new, creative, and innovative methods to produce some of the highest quality tactical gear one the market.

They incorporate end-user feedback into the development of each and every piece of gear they build.

Since 2006 www.UR-TACTICAL.com has provided an online platform providing customers with premium OPS gear designed to perform no matter what the mission objective may be..

Currently, their uniforms and full rage of tactical gear are in use by Special Operations, Law Enforcement and Governmental Agencies around the world.






In this test we are going to show you the full set of A-Tesc IX Camo combat gear and uniform made by O.P.S Tactical, and we separated to two types of load out, the first as the assault operator use by ''INTEGRATED TACTICAL PLATE CARRIER'' with mag pouch panel provided triple 5.56/7.62 magazine pouch area, this model of plate carrier may allowed user to quick detach the pouch panel switch to the other caliber magazine as easy. At the back side we abandoned  hydration carrier to give in return 3 pouches for ''RADIO POUCH''''QUICK DETACHABLE UTILITY POUCH'' and ''E&E POUCH'', the back side pouch setting purpose are not only for self storage, sometimes a assault team operating in action, it may provide ''few more'' pouches for your teammates.


Next type of load out as the reconnaissance operator, we choose the ''ENHANCED COMBAT CHEST RIG'' with ''ELF PACK 2.0''. This chest rig provided 4 mag pouches for 7.62type mag X4pc or 5.56type mag X8pc capacity, and the both side also got 2 ''QUICK DETACHABLE UTILITY POUCH'' allows user to store medic kit, telescope or illuminator devices, etc... As a recon operator as we known it should decrease the load out wight but still reserved storage capacity for rations, ammunition, professional devices in a long term recon mission, in this case the ELF pack 2.0 can attach to all plate carrier and chest rig made by O.P.S .