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Holosun HS507C Pistol Optic

September 29, 2017


Aiming target by red dot in your pistol...do you feel boring...or wanna try some freshness?

We're proud to announce the Holosun first pistol optic ''HS507C Solar and Circle Dot'' will release into Asia market at October 2017.


The brand new HS507C provides 2MOA Red Dot and 32MOA Circle Dot sight vertical with total 3 different sight picture which is REDDOT / CIRCLE DOT / CIRCLE ONLY. Of course those sight picture all in one optic, allow users switch the sights anytime when operating. 


Also as you can see C model which mean it has a solar power source abilities, provide battery mode and auto solar mode, and as usual using the CR2032 battery can achieve 50,000 hours battery life when using medium brightness level of red dot(30,000 hours/medium brightness level of circle dot). 


HS507C Features:
- Red Dot(2 MOA) + Circle Dot(32 MOA) Switch Function

- 3 Types of sight reticle (Red Dot / Circle Dot / Circle)

- Using CR2032 Battery (Up to 50,000 working hours depends on the red dot brightness level)

- Solar Power (Automatic switch to battery power when environmental light is insufficient)

- Dynamic Detection Auto-Start System (Automatically activated when shock/movement detected at sleeing condition) **

- Firearms grade shockproof

- IP67 international water and dust proof qualification


- Specific bottom battery cover with water/air seal

Reticle: Red Dot(2 MOA) + Circle Dot(32 MOA)


Principle: Reflex collimator sight - circle red dot sight

Light source: LED

Parallax: Parallax free

Eye Relief: Unlimited

Coating: Multi-layer coating for all lens

Magnification: 1X


Battery: CR2032

Battery Life: up to 50,000 hours 

Brightness Setting: 10 Dimlight & 2 Nightvision 


Housing Material:  Aluminum T7075

Housing Finish: PEO/MAO housing finish

Housing Color: Black




Waterproof: IP67

Radioactive: None


Weight: 68g with mount / 41g with out mount


H39*L44*W28 mm with mount 

H29*L44*W28 mm without mount




As the Official Asia Distributor, your Holosun product is warranted free of defects in materials and workmanship with the Holosun Limited Lifetime Warranty. The optical system is covered by the 5 year warranty. The illumination system including electronics is covered by the 3 year warranty. Batteries are not covered under warranty.







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